Mind Yo’ Business S7:E4 – The Business of Law, Stepping Out on Your Own, and Balancing Risk

Apr 30, 2024

In this episode of Mind Yo’ Business, we brought on a long-time friend and fellow small business owner to share how he got to where he is today. Matt Schulz is an attorney in Monroe County and is co-owner of Schulz Reagan, LLC

Matt was born and raised in Bedford, Indiana. After graduating high school, he attended Indiana University to double major in Criminal Justice and Political Science. Matt was prompted to join the army after the atrocities of 9/11 and utilized the G.I. Bill to attend Maurer School of Law after his honorable discharge in 2006. He shares with us his very first case fresh out of law school, his learning experiences serving as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and the struggle to balance opening a small business and family.

Andrew and Matt also have a conversation about Matt’s political campaign, the risks of opening your own practice, the importance of building a solid team and building relationships in the community, and more about running a small business. This conversation holds so much valuable information for anyone operating a small business, or anyone interested in taking that risk!

Will Wes be able to keep Andrew from putting his foot in his mouth or will we be hiring Matt shortly after this episode? Listen to this month’s episode to find out!


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