Mind Yo’ Business S7:E3 – The Business of Nonprofit Work, the Field of Development, and Community Involvement

Mar 21, 2024

For the March episode of Mind Yo Business, we invited another wonderful friend into the Pritchett Brothers studio for a great discussion! Andrew and our guest, Matt Osgood, start off the podcast as any March podcast should – a conversation about college basketball. From there, Matt and Andrew go all in!

Matt Osgood was born in Illinois, spent much of his younger years in Iowa, and his family finally ended up in Bloomington. Matt talks about why he stayed in Bloomington, family matters, and how his 20-year career at the YMCA began! And, once we got Matt on the topic of the YMCA, we heard why he has stayed with the nonprofit for so long.

As the Director of Development, Matt works directly with community members and donors to keep the incredible programs offered at the Y both available and affordable. He shares more about the mission of the YMCA, how a nonprofit organization runs, and some of the programs they offer to members of the community! This episode will leave you excited for March Madness, eager to visit a YMCA, and excited to contribute to nonprofits in your community!




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