Mind Yo’ Business S7:E5 – The Business of Defending and Improving Your Life, Country, and Company.

May 31, 2024

For our May episode of Mind Yo Business, your podcast master invited Johnny Goode into the Pritchett Brothers studio for a very intriguing conversation. As the current CEO of MSP Manufacturing, and a podcast aficionado (this is his 3rd or 4th podcast now), Andrew was excited to dive into this episode with Johnny!

Born in La Verne, CA, Johnny made his way over to Indiana when his father moved the family to the Midwest for business.   After completing elementary and middle school here, the family returned to California where Johnny completed high school.   He shares how experiences studying abroad and participating in the naval program helped prepare him for the next phase of his life!

After coming back to Indiana to attend IU for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, Johnny began his stint with IU PD. He shares some stories about working on the force and his experience working for SWAT! The conversation takes a left turn into sports before Andrew pries some great insight from his guest.   If you are interested in California, police and SWAT, entrepreneurship, business ownership, motocross, hockey, or understanding the incoming workforce, this is the episode for you! Johnny has so much to share in this conversation that all business owners should hear.

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