Lambert Knows Community

Lambert Consulting goes beyond the traditional business and education experiences helping to merge the two into impactful, interactive, and informative ways of impacting a community. Through the use of comedy, training, and attention to local trends, Lambert continues to impact non-profits, scholarships, and podcasts to engage your neighbors while providing opportunities for those less fortunate.

Non Profit Growth

Helping to impact a community starts at helping those less fortunate. This might be helping students with educational goals, finding support for loved ones living with disabilities, or creating solution-based activities that help for-profits grow internally. Here are some of the organizations that continue to exist today:

The Monroe County Autism Foundation (est. 2011)

Served as the Marketing Director and then President. Hosted fundraising events to support the Pat Surra Scholarship, which provided funding for families with loved ones living with Autism. Helped to provide financial support for services, I-Pads, summer camps, and more.

Monroe Autism Foundation

The Katie and Victor Root New Hope Scholarship (est. 2012)

Served as advisor and contributor to the growth of funding for this Ivy Tech Community College scholarship. Named for my first business client ever, who passed away after a few years of working together, the money raised helps those adult learners returning to school to gain more education and experience. Have helped students going into nursing, business, education, and culinary arts. Awarded twice a year to two or more students.

Ivy Tech Foundation logo

Stand-Up, Seminars, and Smart Moments

Working within a community goes beyond just money. It goes into the heart of what we do for each other. Over the past decade, the community ties also focused on laughter, learning, and living to your full potential.

Lambert - The Comedian

Stand up comedy continues to allow the comedian and audience to collectively interact through laughter and storytelling. Sharing personal moments that range from being in business, craziness of teaching at college, challenges of aging parents and siblings, divorce, and finding love again, stand up comedy creates an outlet that allows Lambert to showcase his talents outside the board room. Seen performing at The Comedy Attic, Bell Trace’s Tuesday Night Funnies, and supporter of the Limestone Comedy Festival.

Limestone Festival

Roast & Learn Seminars

Bringing that comedy into corporate spaces is both needed and demanded today. While other speakers come to impart new information, Lambert brings his wit and fast paced lecture style to your session where laughter serves as the gateway to learning. Whether helping your employees to be better “walking billboards” for your company or trying to get your highest executives “to laugh in thin air,” these Roast & Learn Seminars will reenergize your company. Companies that have laughed with Lambert include: German American Bank, The Vistage Group, and Ivy Tech Continuing Studies.

Reach High
German American Bank and Vistage Logos

Smart Moments Online

Having solid information and experiences to share, Lambert has been recognized as a top guest to have on podcasts and speaking engagements ranging on topics of education, career, and business advice. Interacting with people from Coast to Coast, Lambert has brought his sensibility and sense of humor to each interview. Some of Lambert’s top smart moments include: Your Working Life, Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show, and being the Key Note Speaker of the Northern California Education Alliance Conference.

Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show