Mind Yo’ Business S7:E1 – The Business of Long-Term Care, Caring About Others, and Enjoying Your Life

Jan 27, 2024

The Pritchett Brothers Studio was so excited to welcome the wonderful Heather Kinderthain as our first guest of the season. Her high energy and positive outlook were a great way to take on the topic of getting older. As owner of Simplified Eldercare, Heather has experienced life through the eyes of many clients who end up in retirement homes. Her love for people and desire to have them live long and happy lives, Heather shares stories ranging from why we’re scared of death, what we can do to stay active until our bodies slow, and how your loved ones are impacted by the challenges of aging.

With some great stories of living in England to learning more about her adoption and subsequent meeting of her biological parents to why she continues to care for the aging population, this episode is filled with heart and enthusiasm. Heather also tries Magic Mind, talks about throwing rolls (while throwing bread at the podcast master), and talks about why the red haired Lambert (from the Witcher series) might just be the hero we’re all looking for in today’s age!

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