Mind Yo’ Business S7:E2 – The Business of Elevating a Sport, Friaring, and the Franciscan Mission

Feb 24, 2024

Your Podcast Master, Andrew Lambert, brought another special guest into the studio for our February episode of Mind Yo Business. Not only is Friar Gabriel a Brother in the Fransican Church, he likes to shred on his skateboard and had a lot to share with us!

Friar Gabriel, formerly known as Brandon, was born in New Hampshire and was raised Catholic with his brothers and sisters both there and, later, in Virginia Beach. He recalls the moment he found skateboarding “at the bottom of a mountain on a gravel driveway”. Since taking his vows and becoming a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate (FFI), he has devoted his time to traveling the country and sharing the gospel message through skateboarding.

He shares a story about his time in Australia when he steered a young man in the right direction, he discusses two Bloomington skater extraordinaires who he sees as elevating the sport, and Andrew and Brother Gabriel discuss the stereotypes surrounding skate culture and how Brother Gabriel is working to change that.

This episode begins in a unique way and ends with a typical discussion of Lambert Rolls. Brother Gabriel gives Lambert Cafe a seal of approval for throwing bread at patrons. Don’t miss this great conversation!

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