Mind Yo’ Business S6:E12 – The Business of Event Planning, Game Creating, and Pop Culture

Dec 28, 2023

For the final episode of Season 6 of Mind Yo Business, your Podcast Master invited Josh Johnson into the studio. Josh Johnson is a well-known name throughout Bloomington, and for good reason! 

Josh grew up in Cicero, Indiana, and like many others who have made Bloomington their home, made his way south to attend Indiana University for Communications. After graduating, he worked for over a decade as a venue manager and booker for places such as Uncle Festers, Second Story, and more. We got an attorney on the line so Josh could share with us some insight into an experience he had with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Leon Russell. After leaving that scene, Josh began running his company Mid By Midwest, Bloomington Pub Quiz, and serving the Board for MidWay Music Speaks. He tells us about what it is like to be a self-employed game creator, writer, event planner, and host.

 The episode concludes with a turning of the tables and Josh asks Andrew some trivia questions. Does Andrew have what it takes to conquer the Christmas pop culture quiz?? This conversation was a great wrap to another fantastic year of the Mind Yo Business podcast. Don’t miss out!

Bloomington Pub Quiz

10 out of 10 Card Game


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