Mind Yo’ Business S6:E9 – The Business of Being Behind the Scenes, Climbing Things No One Else Wants To, and Operating a Small Business

Sep 24, 2023

For the September episode of Mind Your Business, Podcast Master Andrew Lambert welcomed Tyler Delong into the McKee Financial Studio for a great conversation! Tyler Delong is the owner of Delong Rigging Solutions, and this type of rigging does not involve construction sites or large ships. 

Tyler grew up in Bloomington, across the country, and around the globe. While Bloomington was always where he sent his mail, he grew up following his dad on tours for groups like KISS where his dad worked as a rigger. These experiences led to him making the decision at a very young age that he was also going to be a rigger when he grew up. He earned his BA in Theatre with minors in Telecommunications and Labor Studies from Indiana University. In 2017, he made the decision to blog a road trip across the country, and soon after his rigging career went big. 

Tyler has spent the majority of his career working as a touring technician, primarily as the Tour Rigger/Automation Tech. His most recent touring was as a Production Manager for Feld Entertainment (for Sesame Street Live).

Tyler shares with us fun stories from on tour, how celebrities treat their crew, what life is like on a tour bus, and how he started his business. He shares great tips on starting your own business – including how you overcome challenges that inevitably come your way – and why having a great team around you is absolutely essential. 

Andrew gets Tyler to share a crazy tour story, talk about some of his favorite shows to work on (Mama Mia, Blue Man Group, Disney On Ice), and calls him out on bringing in a Lambert Cafe mug without ever having been there! This is a fascinating episode about a career you may never have known existed until now. Give it a listen!

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