Mind Yo’ Business S6:E8 – The Business of Finding Home, Pursuing Your Passions, and Running a Business

Aug 30, 2023

Your podcast master, Andrew Lambert, welcomed Bridgett Divohl into the McKee Financial Resources Studio for Episode 8 of Season 6 of Mind Your Business. Bridgett, owner of Royale Hair Parlor and a newly licensed health coach, had so much to bring to this conversation!

Bridgett grew up in rural Clarksburg, IN and, after graduating from a class of just under 80 students, moved to Cincinnati to pursue a career in cosmetology. After her stint in Cincinnati, she moved on to Chicago where she met her now wife and she shares how the business practices of the salon owner she worked for impacted her role now. Bridgett and her wife made their way to Bloomington after being swept away by our farmers market and the small-town, big-city vibes. Our conversation goes back to how her prior employer was a yogi and passionate about nutrition and that contributed to Bridgett’s dream of pursuing a career in health and nutrition. The problem was always, “When is the right time?” When both of her parents were sick simultaneously–dad with Parkinson’s disease and mom with cognitive issues–that pushed her to pursue her dream. As COVID-19 hit and challenged her salon, it helped her realize she could trust the team she had to take over. 

This podcast delves into finding your passion, pursuing your dreams, the obstacles you will face on the way, and how to keep going. Bridgett also talks about her new business, Sonder Glow Health Coaching, and how that transition has been going. She tells us how she has always wanted to encourage others in their career, empower them to take charge of their physical and mental health, and how that feeds into what she does now. This is such a mindful episode and one you won’t want to miss!


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