Mind Yo’ Business S6:E10 – The Business of Basketball, Finding Yourself Without It, and Coming Back

Oct 24, 2023

For our October episode of Mind Yo’ Business, we welcomed Collin Hartman into the studio. Not only is he an Indiana University Alumni, graduating with a degree in Business Management, but he was on the IU Men’s Basketball team as the small forward from 2013-2018. We couldn’t get Coach Woodson into the studio, so we got the next best thing!

Born into a farm family in Nebraska, Collin shares how they made their way over to the south side of Indy and eventually to the Fishers area. In one of our craziest stories, he tells us how he was recruited to Purdue University and Indiana University to play college basketball on a full ride in EIGHTH GRADE! Collin tells us about some of the struggles he faced while playing as an IU Hoosier, including a major knee surgery that had fans requesting he transfer. He shares how he overcame that and ended his time at IU on a very high, high note!

The episode takes a more serious tone as Collin shares about his journey after college and after leaving the basketball court. He shares about the struggle of finding an identity after leaving the basketball world, having played basketball since he was a kid. Collin tells us about the different financial companies he worked for and transitions into what he does currently.

Collin currently works for Hoosier Connect as the Vice President of Partnerships. Hoosier Connect is the organization that works with student-athletes to navigate NIL and helps them make money from their name and image as a college athlete. He shares with us how he got into that career and the impact he is able to make in his position. Collin even tells us how he feels as a former athlete who was not able to take advantage of his “celebrity”.

Chuck Crabb makes his way into this episode, baby Hartman number two gets an honorable mention, and we end the episode with Collin rubbing in our faces that he only has LinkedIn as his sole social media account (honestly, quite the accomplishment!) This is an episode for sports lovers, student advocates, and business-minded individuals alike.


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