Mind Yo’ Business S6:E7 – The Business of Broadcasting, DJ Personas, Sports, and Marketing

Aug 7, 2023

Podcast Master, Andrew Lambert, welcomed a Bloomington native and celebrity into the McKee Financial Studio for the July episode of Mind Yo’ Business. Matt “Unique” Englert is a Bloomington fixture and had so much to bring to this conversation. 

Matt grew up on the west side of Bloomington and Ellettsville and graduated from Edgewood High School. He shares how music was a big part of his upbringing as his parents played vinyls of Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and many other classic rock groups in the home. Matt talks about his very first job as a DJ – in high school, he and his friend created a business out of their passion for music by DJing house parties and school dances almost every weekend. 

Post graduation, Matt shares with us his rocky start to college at IUPUI, how he got into studying broadcasting at Vincennes, and the full-circle journey of coming back to IU to study sports broadcasting. 

Andrew and Matt get into how “Unique” came onto the scene via various broadcasting and DJing jobs. The conversation eventually moves to how he made his way into the biggest sports bar in Chicago; his connection to all the major bars in Bloomington; and his big break DJing ESPN’s College GameDay for the matchup between Michigan and Indiana.

Filled with big names, an insight into broadcasting, a crazy Aerosmith experience, and why throwing chicken wings or hot rolls might not be a great idea, this is an episode any music lover, IU sports lover, or Bloomington native will absolutely not want to miss!

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