Mind Yo’ Business S6:E6 – The Business of Never Saying Never, Great Literature, Library Science, and Using Your Position to Help Others

Jul 7, 2023



Andrew welcomed Woodson Hughes to the McKee Financial Studios for our June episode of Mind Yo’ Business.

Hailing from Halifax County, VA, Woodson spent most of his life in Virginia saying that he would never leave. After graduating high school, Woodson went to college to study Education and quickly changed direction to Library Science. That career shift took him to South Boston, VA where he worked as the manager of the library. There, he was put in a position of influence as he developed programs for the community and sought to initiate outreach. Woodson tells us how he became a sort of celebrity in the community.

His lovely wife – whom he met in a YMCA during a Virginia drought – nudged him to leave the place he said he would never leave for Bloomington, IN about seven years ago.

Woodson talks about his position at the library, what it was like growing up in “Trump Country”, why black and white film is superior, why you should “never say never”, and how literature is of incredible importance to understanding humanity.

Per the theme of season six, the conversation veers to Lambert Cafe. Woodson tells Andrew about an imposter restaurant throwing pancakes instead of rolls, and how throwing rolls may be insensitive to the world hunger crisis. If your life has taken unexpected turns, you love film and literature, or you want to use your position for good, this is an episode you do not want to miss!


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