Mind Yo’ Business S6:E5 – The Business of Hard Work, Leveraging Talent, and Doing the Next Right Thing

May 30, 2023

Andrew welcomed Bloomington native, Sandra McGow, to the McKee Financial Resources Studio for this Mind Yo’ Business episode.

Self-proclaimed redneck, wife, and mom to two, Sandra grew up in Bloomington as the Swartz Ridge princess.

She tells us how her hard work and determination took her through almost every position at the local YMCA, got her recruited to work in media sales, and brought her to her current position working with the aging population.

After graduating from Bloomington North High School, Sandra jumped into the workforce at the local YMCA inspired by the hard-working women she grew up under. She quickly moved into a full-time position at the front desk, then into administration, then into tech, and on and on.

Sandra tells us how she has lived by this quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”; how she was recruited into a role at a local radio station; and how she has seen hard work, perseverance, and determination open doors for her as she pursued careers.

She also shares about her involvement with Kids with Absent Parents (KAP) – her personal experience growing up with a father in and out of prison led her to want to give back to others living that same experience. 

This episode almost ended before it started after Andrew was appalled by Sandra’s favorite genre of music, Country, but picked back up as they bonded over time spent as dancers (Andrew reveals his secret life as a tap dancer). We call out to the Cyrus family to get Sandra a replacement Achy Breaky Heart t-shirt that was ruined while she was painting a demolition derby car and wonder how a roll-catching competition would play out in Lambert Café.

This episode is not one you want to miss!



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