Mind Yo’ Business S6:E4 – The Business of Law, Representation, and Advocacy for Your Community

Apr 28, 2023

The McKee Financial Resources Studios welcomed Jeremy Dilts to speak with podcast master Andrew Lambert for our fourth episode of season six. Jeremy is a Bloomington native–he went to elementary school here and came back to obtain his undergrad at Indiana University and then attended Indiana University McKinney School of Law for his Juris Doctor degree. He currently lives in Bloomington with his wife and children. Jeremy has been a practicing attorney for over two decades and had many experiences to share during our conversation. 

Jeremy shares how he came to be interested in the field of law through a political science course during his undergrad; the wisdom that “nothing is for sure” when it comes to cases; and his advice to those interested in law – “don’t, unless you are ready to be passionate about it for years to come”.


Outside of handling medical malpractice cases, Jeremy enjoys being a “mediocre athlete” alongside his wife and is involved with the Monroe County Autism Foundation as acting president. Jeremy has three children, two of whom have special needs.

As a result, he has spent years advocating for people with disabilities as a board member of a local not-for-profit organization and through pro bono advocacy work in court. 

Of course, per the theme of season six, Andrew gets Jeremy to talk about the legal implications of Lambert’s Cafe throwed rolls. Can Andrew file a “buttery battery claim” if he gets smacked in the face with a soft roll? Be sure to listen to this month’s episode to find out!

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