Mind Yo’ Business S6:E11 – The Business of Helping Others, Insurance, and Bass Fishing

Nov 28, 2023

For the November episode of Season 6, Andrew Lambert welcomed Brandon Barrett into the studio for another great conversation. Stuffed with turkey and enjoying the holiday season, this conversation was one for the books!

Brandon Barrett was born in Solsberry, IN, and moved to Bloomington at the age of fourteen when his dad took a position as a police officer. After graduating from high school, Brandon joined the Marine Corps (oorah!) and held the position of machine gunner while stationed at the reserves in Terre Haute. He shares how after leaving the Marines, he ended up working in the energy biz, which ultimately brought him where he is today. 

Brandon shares how his time with the energy company taught him to look out for the interests of others, why the best way to get publicity is to help others, and why he is so successful at running the Barrett Agency – Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. 

There is also a fun conversation about competitive fishing and a side hustle Brandon has had going for several years now. Don’t miss out on this great episode!

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