Mind Yo’ Business S5:E03 – The “Highs” and Lows of Business Strategy, Working with Cannabis, and Educating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Mar 18, 2022

The Production House Studio was excited to have California based Philip Eldred and Jacob Melby join us in house for a high-powered discussion. These two business partners, successful even before they came together to form Fairpoint Mutual, shared their journey to establishing an impactful non-profit that benefits current and future entrepreneurs. 

Stories of epic failures in the gaming industry, to learning and earning during the famous “California Green Rush,” to deciding to teach others how to be mindful once they come into money, this episode has incredible information for our listeners. 

Whether listening to stories of when they grew up in small, conservative towns to being confused on why Miranda Lambert wasn’t interviewing them, Philip and Jacob demonstrate why their hard work should be replicated to help others in need.  Don’t miss this very interactive and informative episode!

Fairpoint Mutual 


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