Mind Yo’ Business S5:E02 – The Power of Organizing Your Closet, Your Life, and Your Business

Feb 28, 2022

It might still a February winter outside but the Production House Studio was on fire when owner and operator, Cheryl Smith, joined us for a conversation on the importance of organization.

As owner and operator of Consider It Done (CID), Cheryl has used her skills to grow a team to become the go to transitional services company. Whether helping moving an elderly relative from one living area to the next, to helping busy adults organizing their house for easier living, or having your office repurposed in a way that creates efficiency in the workplace; Cheryl has done it all. 

Sharing some great stories of her past, including being a former school principal, she gives insight and advice that will help every listener learn the importance of embracing your past and using those skills for the future.

With some great insight to why being an organizational professional can help her two daughters prepare for upcoming weddings to wondering why Miranda Lambert hasn’t called into the show yet, this episode has big heart, big laughs, and very big guidance for anyone wanting to get just a touch more organized.  



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