Mind Yo’ Business S5:E04 – Mind Yo’ Business – The Business of Building Homes, Community, and Culture

Apr 28, 2022

The Production House studios came alive with the arrival our April guest, Mark Lauchli. Being around Bloomington for such a long time has given Mark perspective on what it means to be a resident. His passion for development and creating housing experience goes back over decades where he obtained experience working both in the States and overseas. The stories of his growth and success should be listened to by anyone wanting to hear why it’s okay to fall down, fail, and then restart again. 

Mark shares why blending personal and professional experiences helps to create a stronger entrepreneur, why working outside the States can help guide you to creating a better community locally, and even questions why the Miranda Lambert hasn’t called into the show yet. This episode has the heart and the passion that every business owner needs to hear to have a stronger outlook tied to success.



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