Mind Yo’ Business S4:E7 – Guarding Your Beer Business While Impacting Your Local Community

Jul 27, 2021

This month we got to take the podcast on the road for the first-ever outside the studio (and State) interview at the beautiful Guardian Brewing Company. 

Owner and long-time podcast master friend, Kim Collins, shares incredible insight to why she started brewing, what led her to open an all-female brew staff, and why Saugatuck, Michigan was the perfect location to open this company. 

She shares pitfalls that she had to walk through just to break ground while also sharing helpful hints on why any business owners needs to stay positive. As one of the best conclusions to an interview, Kim honors our podcast by naming a beer after us. 

Their location is now proudly serving Mind Yo’ Brew on tap! Make sure you listen first and then check out the video tour of this incredible brewery! (by July 30th)


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