Mind Yo’ Business S4:E6 – The Business of Working Healthy, Working with Family, and Working with Those Who Have Disabilities

Jun 28, 2021

The Production House Studios was energized with the visit of our June guest, Micah Heath.  A man who is an elementary school principal by day but an incredible entrepreneur at night, Micah shares his story of moving from one type of work to another all while trying to include his family.   

Sharing great stories, some hilarious and some heartwarming, Micah highlights the importance of compassion in business, building a future for those who live with disabilities, and shares why healthy eating might be easier than most people think. 

Whether taking time to volunteer with Down Syndrome Family Connection, getting a fundraiser of frisbee golf happening, or continuing to grow Rue & Mac’s Healthy Snacks, Micah demonstrates how hard work and a lot of happiness can impact you, your community, and grow your business.



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