Mind Yo’ Business S4:E8 – The Business of Customers, Business of Roofs, and the Business of Self-Growth

Aug 30, 2021


The temperatures in August are hot but our interview guest is as cool as you get! The Production House Studios was elated to welcome in John Senac, a true entrepreneur whose hard work ethic and customer first approach has led him to be the go to expert for both customers and contractors.

John shares some amazing stories of growing up as a home schooler, grabbing his first job at 14, and learning at a young age that business growth is directly tied to customer service. Even before finding his way to the roofing industry, John was already training dogs by training people, serving people who acted like dogs, and even found educating a customer empowers both them and him. 

Filled with lots of humor, a misunderstanding of why Adam Lambert wasn’t hosting the podcast, and trying to understand why producer Wes is seen but not heard, this is an episode for anyone interested in business!


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