Mind Yo’ Business S2:E12 – Being the Lime in the Business of Higher Education

Dec 31, 2019

The Season 2 Finale will flip the script on the interview program. Your podcast master, Andrew Lambert, gets put onto “the hot seat” and responds to questions from the brilliant Robert Affe. Professor Affe has been with the Indiana University Department of Media Studies (previously The Telecommunications School) for twenty plus years.  Just as important to note, Professor Affe also had Andrew as one of his first undergraduate students, and has long followed his career.  

After reading Andrew’s book, “Be the Lime: An Insider’s Guide to College,” he had questions about several key topics found within the book.  Diving into whether D-I Research Institutes are actually run like Fortune 500 companies, whether faculty uphold ethics within the classroom, and whether taking online classes are worth the cost are just a few of the tough questions presented in this episode.

Join us to find out if the “Limes” are actually winning against the “Lemons” and our final goodbye to Christopher Lambert, this hour episode is packed full of powerful conversation and information.