Mind Yo’ Business S2:E11 – The Business of Writing Business Fiction and Surviving Large Company Stress

Nov 28, 2019

The podcast just caught up with the magic of connecting people across many miles!  This month, we welcome Michael Voss and Jennifer Rock, former corporate executives turned entrepreneurial authors who are passionate about entertaining and informing people about what is really happening when you’re inside a large corporation. 

From talking about their journeys to high ranking positions, to the burden of stress it put on their lives, to taking a big leap into storytelling through fictional writing that parallels many of their past experiences, they share brilliant wisdom and important messaging that will help anyone dealing with bad business.  

We also get to explore some of the characters, from their latest novel, “Operation Clusterpuck,” who may or may not be inspired by real people that have worked with one or both of them.  We also debate whether Christopher Lambert needs to be a part of the third novel that they want to start writing soon. 

Join us as we connected the two Bloomington’s (Indiana and Minnesota) for a fast paced episode!