Mind Yo’ Business S3:E1 – The World of Corporate Business Is Made Up of Rubber Band Balls, Missing Checks, and International Knowledge

Feb 2, 2020

Season 3 kicks off with Marty Donnelly, a now retired corporate executive and current Uber Driver, who got his start working the tough streets of New York City. Marty takes us for a ride through his crazy career that saw him eventually re-purposing  financial recording systems in parts of Europe and Asia but first had two visits with the police, one of which resulted in a rubber band ball falling out a New York City high rise.

With plenty of humor, wisdom, and information for anyone working in business, this episode is will certainly help put a perspective on your career. We welcome back our podcast producer, Wes Lasher, and your podcast master to bring you the inaugural episode in this season. Oh, we might have a few things to say about former Detroit Piston, Bill Laimbeer, as well. 


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