Mind Yo’ Business S5:E12 – The Business of Being Batman’s Batman

Dec 27, 2022

The Production House Studios was beyond excited to welcome in the December guest.  Michael Uslan, best known for his work with the Batman franchise and multiple partnerships with DC Comics, joined us from his L.A. studio to discuss what it means to be “Batman’s Batman.”   

Michael shares his amazing story of discovering comics, why he was determined to create a college course about comics, and his entry into the film world all while being focused on the Batman franchise.   Michael’s advice to anyone starting a business or wanting to hit a high goal is priceless.  The stories of interacting with executives, many of which ignored or insulted his pitches, demonstrate perseverance, focus, and drive that many people don’t often embrace and works as the blueprint of what business and personal growth should be. With heartfelt and funny stories of behind-the-scenes moments; including how Stan Lee moved from a once comic book idol to a business partner, can’t be missed.    

This episode covers if Michael ever figures out who Miranda Lambert really is, pushing through the frustrations of dealing with nipples in one iteration of the Batsuit, to excitedly talking about the new chapters of the Batman franchise, including the Batmobile about to launch its animated series, the love and protection Michael shares should be something that all entrepreneurs strive to achieve.  



Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee

https://www.dc.com/…/tales-from-earth-6-all-new-stories… https://iupress.org/author/michael-e-uslan/

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