Mind Yo’ Business S5:E11 – The Business of Smoking or Non-Smoking in Small Town Cigar Shops

Nov 29, 2022

The Production House Studios was a privileged guest in Michael Fisher’s own The Briar & The Burley’s smoking lounge.

Andrew and Michael helped themselves to some good cigars and bourbon while discussing the age-old question of smoking or non-smoking.

Growing up in Michigan, Michael came to town to attend Indiana University. After sampling around in several career fields, he found a great hobby in pipes and cigars and opened his own shop, which is celebrating its 50th year in business.  

Listen in to learn how Michael overcame the new tobacco laws and restrictions that began in Indiana.

One of his greatest challenges, besides providing good air-quality to his customers, has been the Internet. Michael describes how online sales are turning people away from the old-fashioned store shopping and how his customer service and employees go above and beyond any traditional website experience. 

 The Briar & The Burley has seen a lot of changes in Bloomington’s downtown scenery and shops.

You will not want to miss this episode full of name-drops and exquisite ideas for a Mind Yo’ Cigar… Coming Soon?

While he may not have met Miranda Lambert – Wait Who? – you will certainly be impressed with many other actors, comedians, and sports figures that have visited Michael over the years. 

Find your comfiest armchair, sit back, and listen to a fantastic discussion on longevity in life and in business.



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