Mind Yo’ Business S5:E07 – The Business of Developing a Foundation of Success Through Leadership and Real Estate

Jul 26, 2022

The Production House Studios was thrilled to bring in our July guest. We finally landed a direct relation to the podcast master. Mark Lambert is a commercial developer who hails from Crown Point, Indiana, while also the father of this podcast host. Mark shares his journey from small time grocery store employee to manager and the move to the suburbs of Chicago.

He shares the reasons why he was looking for personal and professional growth as well as why real estate seemed to be the business that fit his goals. Andrew’s dad tells some hilarious stories about struggling early in his career, learning how to work with people who are not always willing to spend money, and why flipping a coin can be a business solution.

Whether encouraging his employees to buy a pie to throw in his face as a tool of motivation to helping Apple develop one of their first Chicago based buildings, the stories and advice shared here will help any business owner feel empowered.   


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