Mind Yo’ Business S5:E06 – The Business of Creating Bridges Between Government, Community, and Business Owners

Jun 29, 2022

The month of June saw record temperatures and tempers rise throughout the Midwest. It only seemed fitting to bring in the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce President, Eric Spoonmore. Having studied and loved the world of politics, Eric knew early on that he wanted to be part of shaping and supporting a community.  He was always interested in working as a City Manager, but the State of Indiana doesn’t allow that position to exist.

Eric’s journey has taught him that the business sector is the stable foundation of your community, not the government, and how important local voting is within your community. This affects everything from tax dollars, roads, services, not just political standings. His stories of steering the local community through COVID, while serving on the County Council. His transition into the Chamber demonstrate that hard work and listening to others really does pay off.

While Eric might have been a bit disappointed that Miranda Lambert wouldn’t be joining us. Even though he was playing her latest music while on vacation, this episode has passion and humor that you don’t want to miss.  

Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce 

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