Mind Yo’ Business S4:E3 – The Business of Social Psychology, Getting Big Laughs, and Imparting Knowledge onto Future Generations

Mar 29, 2021

The rains and winds of March and the continued pandemic couldn’t slow down this month’s recording. When Stephanie Lochbihler (known also as “Doc Loc”) arrived at the studio, we knew we were in for a fantastic conversation. As a social psychologist, comedian, and educator, she brought funny and interesting observations about the world.   

Whether helping high school divers prepare for semis, or preparing to take the stage at a comedy show, Stephanie shares why people think and act the way that they do and just what separates the best from everyone else. 

With lots of humor, lots of heart, this interview will leave you understanding why we need to laugh more at ourselves, keep finding happiness in our own lives, and take time to reflect on your professional success by looking back at your past.  



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