Mind Yo’ Business S4:E2 – Finding Success in Music, a D.J. Business, and Minority-Owned Entrepreneurship.

Feb 22, 2021

The month of February is brutally cold for most but The Production House Studios was alive with Darran Mosley and his high level of energy. An episode that talks about working hard in the entertainment industry, how sports can influence you as a business owner, and why having a D.J. Karaoke service can break down barriers between age and race.  

Darran shares his knowledge of pop culture, singing with not one but two cover bands, why knowing the lyrics “Purple Rain” can take you far in life, and why Adam Lambert might be the best thing to happen to Queen in many years. 

Sharing great examples of his entrepreneurial spirit and how being a minority in the business world can help reshape how we do business, you’ll leave this episode laughing and learning.  Just as important, Darran shares how and why we should love each other even after Valentine’s Day comes to a close. 


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