Be The Lime: An Insider’s Guide To College


Lambert has been fortunate enough to teach at many excellent schools. This list includes Hawaii Pacific University, Mid-Pac College, Penn State University, Indiana University, Ivy Tech Community College, and Southern New Hampshire University. The issues that seemed to exist at one campus were often similar to the issues seen at these other campuses. Issues with advising, the math department, office hours, and travel abroad challenges overlapped on multiple occasions. To add to all this confusion, there wasn’t any information on the market that could be a simple guide to at least understanding how to address these problems.


Lambert has created a quick read book that will be helpful for parents and students alike. Taking over 15 years of faculty experience and tying into some of his time as an undergraduate and graduate student, Be the Lime works as the guide that addresses the Top 10 issues that most college students and their families face once they get that acceptance letter. All the stories are true, and the conversational approach allows readers to feel like they’re having a causal lunch instead of sitting through a lecture. Each chapter has some “lime slices” that gives advice on addressing these college challenges.

Advising Students, Parents, and Peers

When a high school student gets ready to take that first step into college, lots of questions must be addressed. Even if the parents have attended and earned a college degree, the likelihood of the process being identical to when they went is very small. There are tons of “how to” manuals and blogs that show the first steps but what happens after the student gets to the campus? There must be a way to get some insight on the ins and outs of college in today’s world.