Mind Yo’ Business S6:E2 – The Business of Professional Hacking, Professional Darth Vadering, and Cybersecurity

Mar 13, 2023

The McKee Financial Resources Studio was ecstatic to bring on professional hacker, Kevin Johnson, for an eccentric episode. After growing up in Boca Raton, Kevin graduated from high school and began working in tech, quickly rising the ranks, and eventually starting his company Secure Ideas, based in Jacksonville, Florida. His experience writing code, managing networks, and running computer bulletin board systems that are still used by power companies today has made him an expert in the field. Kevin gives out advice to those who want to get into cybersecurity and explains why the field is so important for business owners.  

Aside from tech, Kevin shares stories linked to his upbringing in nerd culture that takes the conversation down so many hilarious roads. From “sweaty slogging” a 5K in a Darth Vader costume to taking five years to build a seven-foot-five Chewbacca costume to being on-stage with Weird Al, Kevin is a proud nerd.  

Did Andrew win the $50 beer money for introducing this episode’s guest Kevin Johnson as a penetration specialist? Find out on this second episode of season six of Mind Yo’ Business.


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