Mind Yo’ Business S5:E09 – The Business of Alumni Growth, Life Lessons from Camp, and the Power of Networking

Sep 27, 2022

The Production House Studios was buzzing after we met with Eric Behrman, a well-known IU Alumni leader. Originally from a small town in Southern Indiana, Eric came to Bloomington after working as 4-H Youth Agent and became the Monroe County Extension Agent. From these experiences Eric’s passion grew into the connectivity between human beings through social interactions.  Eric’s growth within the IU Alumni Relations Office led to trust among multiple donors and their families and led to generations of students becoming part of the growing university. One incident left Eric floored when an alumni member hosted a Student Recruitment event without telling his wife, she walked in to quite a surprise. 

Eric shares fantastic stories tied to the beginnings of Straight No Chaser, meeting Michael Uslan, and navigating the alumni’s discrepancies with the firing of then famous coach Bob Knight.  His belief in staying connected is seen by the many alumni officers and chapter leaders that still interact with him today, even after he and they have left their positions.  This important network allows Eric to still help people living all over the world as they decide how to get involved with university activities. 

If you’ve lived in Bloomington long enough, you will have heard about Eric’s daughter, Jill, whose life was taken too early on a morning bike ride. In this episode we discuss the wonderful gift Bloomington has been given with Jill’s House. Here we learn about its origin story and the intergenerational preschool they now have within.  The conversation within episode is filled with passion and advice.  It will leave you wanting to learn even more the next time you see Eric. 

Did someone say Miranda Lambert? Eric has a connection which may finally lead us to an in-person meeting with her.  

Miranda, can you hear Mind Yo’ Business calling?


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