Mind Yo’ Business S3:E9 – The Business of Promotion and Putting Your Name on Stuff

Sep 29, 2020

The Fall leaves and cooler weather helped set the tone for our September guest. Carl Matacale joined the McKee Financial Studios to share stories and advice from growing Office Easel, a promotional product company. 

Coming from a family that  had ties to a circus, working at a famous steak restaurant, and eventually joining his wife’s family business, Carl has seen his share of success and failure in the business world.  Whether temporarily going blind from freshly minced horseradish or realizing that his sales skills could take him a lot further in life,

Carl shares some funny and informative life experiences that everyone can relate to and learn from. He also shares some important tips to finding your fit in business and tells us why you might have to be just like Bill Laimbeer in order to succeed.  



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