Mind Yo’ Business S3:E7 – The Business of Finding Faith, Science, and Choosing Your Words Wisely During Trying Times

Jul 28, 2020

There isn’t a more pressing time to talk about history than the present.  We were thrilled to have Father Kurt Messick (aka…Kurt with the Hat) join us in studio to talk about his fascinating life, which includes numerous college degrees and life experiences, while also helping communities and people find some balance and happiness during these trying times. 

Kurt shares some great stories tied to his time working for and with Margarate Thatcher, his friendship with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and his recent humorous conversation with John Cleese.   

Looking at how business, culture, and race have reacted recently is more clearly defined by history and Kurt does a wonderful job of sharing stories from politics, religion, and cultural studies that shows how humans have overcome terrible times in the past.  With lots of heart, this episode is one that will leave you saying, “Stay Calm and Carry On!” 


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