Mind Yo’ Business S3:E3 – The Business of Mixing Bars, People, and Spirits Is No Easy Task

Mar 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is still effecting many around the globe and our listeners are feeling the stress of having to be stay at home. We wanted to make sure this month’s episode was something that was both fun and and informative since there’s been a spike in interest in creating mixed drinks at home. We were so happy to bring in award winning bar tender, Douglas Spradley. Talking about how the business of bars and spirits have changed over the past 50 years, how bartenders have moved from just serving to entertaining customers, and what it really takes to win regional and national bartending competitions, Doug shares both experience and humor that is sure to wet your whistle. Speaking of which, Doug was kind of enough to share two of his favorite drinks, actually creating them during the interview, and encourages you to try at home. With great stories, a need to convince Bill Laimbeer to create his own line of beers, and historical importance of different spirits, Doug shows why his skills and personality are someone you’re going to want to meet! www.farm-bloomington.com

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