Mind Yo’ Business S3:E11 – The Business of Personal Growth, Finances, and T-Shirts

Nov 24, 2020

This month’s episode  allowed the McKee Financial Resources Studio to bring in the brilliant Anthony Owens. He shares stories that present a fantastic history of military service, business growth, and leading him into the world of finances are just a few of the key topics we discuss.  

Anthony shares stories of growing a t-shirt and print business while also bringing in key strategies that he learned while serving in the US armed forces. We go through what it really takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s digital facing business economy and what it means for you to find success when growing your own business.  

With some great conversation about working on the front lines, in Afghanistan, along with trying to find the right people to work for you, Anthony does not disappoint with his candid and honest feedback that every business owner should hear. We even get to talk about whether he and/or his associates might be the Bill Laimbeer of the print industry.   


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