Mind Yo’ Business S2:E8 – Reporting is Serious Business

Aug 29, 2019

In order to conclude a busy Summer, and help us start to focus on Fall, Zach Osterman sat down to talk about his history and love for reporting. As the only beat writer, for Indiana University sports at the Indianapolis Star, Zach has followed the teams through both good and bad moments while also trying to embrace the changing scope of how reporting is done. 

The conversation follows Zach from his time growing up in Georgia, to watching his father’s successful reporting career, to his interest in Ernie Pyle, and the pressure that comes with social media in sports. 

Zach’s reporting is followed Nationwide and while he has learned to stay humbled, and to not engage with every tweet or post, he’s still perplexed at never getting to see Christopher Lambert or any iteration of Highlander.