Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

Published on June 13, 2022

You may wonder why your business gets so little traffic. Here are a few possibilities.

Bad User Experience

While your site might feature an attractive layout and compelling content, the user experience (UX) could be letting it down. A website should be mobile-friendly. It shouldn’t feature poor navigation and slow page speed. That will rank it lower in the search engines and users will fail to return to a site. Google will rank your site higher for specific keywords if it features a responsive design and easy navigation. You would be wise not to install annoying pop-ups to avoid penalization. Again, an SEO audit can identify where you are going right or wrong, which can boost your ranking and drive a flurry of traffic to your site.

Keyword Search

This comes back to SEO. Using the proper keywords will help ensure that your website pops up for relevant terms. Getting it right in search engines can be a challenge. First, don’t overdo it. Always write for the reader first, and the ‘robot’ second. Keyword stuffing will turn readers off, and search engines are advanced enough to sort this type of content out. There are a few common keywording obstacles:

  • You’re not doing any keyword targeting
  • You’re targeting too narrow of a niche
  • You’re in a keyword-competitive industry

There are also solutions. Implementing longtail keywords, writing 10x content, using keyword planners.  Here are some: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/310637

Poor Quality Content

The quality of your content is as important as an optimized website. Not only is this important to Google, but it’s also important for your users. If your content isn’t seen as valuable, they’ll leave pronto and not come back. This affects your bounce rate, which you can view in your Google Analytics. A high bounce rate is not good. It diminishes your trust factor giving you a low ranking. Think about your targeted audience every single time you write content. Put yourself in their shoes. If they land on your page, what are they expecting to read or learn about? If they search a term you are targeting for one of your blogs, what is the intent of their search? When you understand their intent, you can write content that fills their needs, gives them answers to their problems, etc.

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