What Separates Lambert Consulting from Our Competitors?

Published on July 11, 2022

A business consultant’s job is to help people succeed. Lambert Consulting not only takes this to heart but pays it forward in the business community as a unique player and voice. Here’s how.

A Strong Local Presence

Lambert Consulting held fundraisers for the Monroe County Autism Foundation from 2014 to 2017. It also sponsors the Annual Limestone Comedy Festival held right here in Bloomington. Lambert Consulting is invested in local interests, and recognizes Bloomington’s a festive, community-driven town seeking the best talent.

The Internet IS People

Andrew Lambert communicates his love for the community and helping businesses through his podcast Mind Yo Business. With it he interviews local entrepreneurs and established businesspeople, picking their brains about success and what Monroe County means to them. Lambert Consulting has a strong social media presence, and snazzy, easy-to-use website:  https://lambertconsulting.biz/

Diverse Staffing

Lambert Consulting looks and cares for talent wherever it can find it. With Social media managers from Tennessee, a local blogger and writer, and a project manager in the Pacific Northwest; Andrew Lambert cultivates numerous talents to best serve clients.

Diverse Clientele

Lambert Consulting provides website building, social media blogging, event planning, and even traditional marketing campaigns. These include: billboards and business cards, to Acclaimed Properties, a real estate firm, as well as CFC Properties, a Cook group. Andrew also worked with Thing In a Pot Productions, Cascades Golf Course, Indiana Metal Craft, and Shelterwood Builders. Lambert Consulting has done web design for New Moon Cottage, and ad consulting for the Monroe County Board of Commissioners.

Solid Leadership

Andrew Lambert is more than just his master’s degree in Business and Telecommunications, but a savvy, community-oriented chronicler of the field. Where he used to teach at both Smeal College and Ivy Tech Bloomington. His book Be The Lime: Avoiding Those Lemons prompted Morgenstern’s Books to invite him for a broadcasted chat in May of 2022. Along with connections in other states, Andrew keeps his relationships with Monroe County businesses a priority. His dedication to uplifting people merges him with clients and staff in a vision for the betterment of commerce and the lives of Hoosiers in general. He cares about Bloomington and has the skills and know-how to make it even better.

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Andrew Lambert

Meet Andrew Lambert

My goal with Lambert Consulting is to continue to bring community, business, and education together. You must have all three in order to be successful. My experiences have allowed me to be more in tune with my clients’ needs and how to fulfill them. Hard work, honesty, and respect is what I give to each of my clients.