What is Twitch, and Should I Invest My Time?

Published on January 29, 2024

Like many social media platforms, Twitch has become a tool for marketers. Here’s why it’s beneficial to use.

Running Ads

Streaming isn’t a viable marketing option for many brands. Creating content, engaging with the audience in real time and building a community around a channel can prove to be too time-consuming. If streaming isn’t for you, you can boost your brand’s presence through paid media. Similar to YouTube’s advertising model, you can run video or display ads on Twitch. Both Twitch creators and their followers understand the necessity of mid-stream ads—especially when the content is free. With all parties receptive to advertising, consider this avenue if you have the money for it. Twitch doesn’t actively publish its ad rates on the site, but there is a contact form that asks for your budget. The smallest budget range is Less than $50,000. The highest budget range is Greater than $1,000,000.

Live Stream for Brand Awareness

“Some advertisers and businesses have channels and a presence on the platform,” says Raisa Lynn. “A great example would be the fast-food company, Wendy’s. They’ve had a few successful campaigns on Twitch, one of which saw over 1.5 million minutes watched, and shares and mentions of Wendy’s increased by 119% across social platforms. Granted they are well-known brands, but that doesn’t mean smaller businesses can’t do the same thing. It’s not too late to get started and start experimenting with how livestreaming works for your audience.”

High Engagement

There is a huge potential for driving engagements on Twitch. The variety of stream channels within Twitch has helped to create niche communities around their favorite video game or streamer. Watching Twitch streams for many hours builds rapport and loyalty between Twitch streamers and their audience.  Many dedicated viewers choose to donate to their influencers’ chosen charity or buy their merchandise.  These fans are highly engaged with streamers’ content. The trend towards strong engagement is increasing with the number of hours watched growing by 83% in 2020. We know that audiences have boomed on Twitch, and so has content consumption, helping increase engagement rates even further. At the height of the pandemic, the engagement rate on sponsored content from streamers was up 23%.

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