What Is the Difference Between a View and a Like?

Published on May 31, 2022

Views and likes on social media have different functions and therefore different outcomes, especially where advertising is concerned. Here are the main differences and what to do with them.


Instagram views are usually and generally considered as a measure of social proof that your account does receive the traction users look for and adds value to your Instagram account and as a brand. If your marketing strategy for Instagram is worthy and good enough, users will share it with other users in their niche, but the count of your Instagram views does not equate itself to confidence or the fact that the content you produce is not good enough. It could also be because you are not marketing your content and your account well and might be an indicator to revamp your marketing strategies.


With the new update that Instagram gave, you do not know how many users have even seen your post and not liked the post you have uploaded. So, if you are not getting enough likes as you would have liked or desired, considering the number of followers you have or do not have, there are always ways where you can buy Instagram views and likes in order to get real Instagram likes from real accounts. You can always put up a sponsored Instagram ad post that would make your Instagram post visible to others from your niche, but that would only work till your budget allows it to work. After that, it would not, and you are back to square one.


If your pictures are not getting likes as per your expectations, you can “real and safe” Instagram likes by purchasing them. the excitement of a huge amount of panic on a small number of views can distract brands from understanding or paying attention to the behavior of the viewer. This problem is completely realistic and mainly with a platform that offers short and snappy video content. Compared to YouTube in which multiple visitors see videos without creating an account which allows them to like and comment on videos and people who browse Instagram are logging in and can take part in a video rather than just watching it.

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