Trends To Expect in 2023 for Social Media

Published on January 2, 2023

Social media being a key arena for marketing means keeping an eye on what’s happening. Here a few important trends.


TikTok’s increasing popularity is coming from its short-form videos that comprise important info that is easy to digest. Social media trends for 2023 show that this social media platform will be used by more and more marketers to advertise their services and products. By keeping up with the rest of the brands that run TikTok campaigns, marketers ensure a better place for them higher up on the ladder of success.

Management Scrutiny

In the midst of a crisis, consumers today are looking for brands to be transparent and honest. One survey reported that 34% of consumers expect brands to respond to a crisis within 30 minutes on social media. In a survey commissioned by Twitter, 61% of users said that brands should acknowledge moments of crisis in their advertising and communications when they are occurring. Nearly 90% of social media users say that businesses can regain their trust during a crisis by admitting the mistake and being transparent about the steps they’re taking to resolve the problem.


In 2022, we witnessed the steady rise of social commerce, which allowed social media users to purchase products directly on social media. In 2023, social media platforms are expected to continue to become popular shopping outlets for consumers. Furthermore, it’s projected that by 2026, global social commerce sales will reach a whopping $6 trillion, with the US having approximately 108 million social buyers by 2025. 


As a market, AI is expected to grow yearly by 120%. Chances are you’re already using it, you just might not have a defined strategy for implementing it. One way you can begin to include AI into your game plan is to assist with copywriting. You can feed in a few prompts and the AI software will come back with copy suggestions. Remember, though: AI will never replace the power of personalized, authentic content.

Bigger Budgets Needed

Many companies will increase ads budgets for the year to come to keep up with the continuously changing market. If you are not yet using ads to promote your campaigns, maybe it’s time to reconsider your 2023 marketing strategy and invest more in ads.

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