Traditional Marketing Ideas That Still Work

Published on August 1, 2022

Traditional marketing is still quite valuable. Here are some examples of how.


Signage may be one of the oldest forms of marketing still in existence. A 15th-century blacksmith could hang a picture of an anvil outside his shop. A flashy sign can promote your new auto body repair business. Signs show people where you are — whether they’re looking for you or not. Signage can last for years, so it’s a good idea to go with an experienced company to make the most of your investment. National companies will be able to take on signs, vehicle wraps, and other projects in addition to event planning and brand activations.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a very powerful marketing channel. Study after study has shown that direct mail messaging is remembered better and acted upon. The ROI is great and gets even better with personalization. Combine direct mail with digital marketing to significantly increase your results. There are so many formats to choose from you can really stand out. Don’t miss out on direct mail marketing.

Local Events

Yes, events IRL (in real life) are beneficial for the customer to jump-start a relationship with the company and to get hands-on with the product. This will encourage the customer to spread word of mouth. That is the most influential and valuable part of marketing. It means more if someone else has something to say from their personal experience and familiarity with the product. Here’s how to make local events work:

Broadcast Media

Consumers spend greater amounts of time surfing the internet and using mobile devices than ever before. However, TV and radio marketing still provide an impressive return on investment for businesses. In fact, TV advertising displays greater success with key performance indicators (KPIs) than any media source. According to recent data, adults spend 13 times as many minutes watching video on television than through the internet. They also spend 23 times as much as on their mobile devices. Radio is still a popular source of entertainment. Especially during those times of the day when individuals have limited use of the internet or access to a television. TV and radio advertising have maintained their efficacy throughout the years.

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