Top 5 Summer Marketing Trends to Expect

Published on June 19, 2023

This summer will be a great opportunity to scope what gets you an edge in the market. Here’s some examples.

More Holistic

As the world slowly came out of the pandemic, stores re-opened, customers left their homes and web traffic and online sales dipped across almost all industries and segments. Suddenly, marketers had to make marketing more human again. The priority this summer will be continuing to adapt marketing strategies to focus on brilliant customer experiences, for increasingly independent buyers. This will include targeted and personalized messaging based on data analytics, relevant, buyer-focused content to help them make decisions, fantastic customer support to answer their questions, as well as flexible delivery and payment. 

Social Media Costs

While social media advertising is increasingly important, it has become more competitive as well. Small businesses should focus on a multichannel organic approach to build an audience and brand awareness. While ads can bolster organic growth, small businesses should avoid getting into a social media arms race with competitors when organic approaches like content marketing could have a better return on investment.

Bite Sized Content

The spotlight will be on short-form and bite-sized content. Aside from being able to potentially generate more engagement from your audience, they can be invaluable tools for marketing and education, given that 73% of people prefer to watch a short video to learn more about a product or service, according to the same report. Bite-sized content, like short-form videos, also allows brands to still drive engagement even if today’s audience has a shorter attention span, with the average human attention span now clocking in at 8.25 seconds.

Tik Tok

TikTok’s user growth has been massive, with a 180% boost in audiences between the age of 15-25. Media buyers can scale advertising messages to TikTok users with more eyes on the platform. TikTok delivered the lowest CPM. In addition, TikTok leads the highest Impression vs. Cost ratio, followed by Instagram.

Brand Value

As organic reach has declined further on some social platforms, brand exposure is just one battle in the war for consumer dollars. Winning attention is one thing, but it’s the brands that consumers know, trust, and love that earn those valuable clicks. Brand awareness is a marketing team’s best tool for overcoming the limited exposure an algorithmic-based social platform may provide.

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