Top 5 Fall Content Strategies for Marketing Your Business

Published on September 20, 2021
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The season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and raking leaves is upon us. It’s time to show customers how much you appreciate them this time of year. Here’s how.

Create Seasonal Content

We could sing about why content is such an essential component of marketing till the leaves are all clean off the trees. Simply put, creating and publishing quality material can and will pay dividends for your business, if done right, and the changing of the seasons is a fertile time to compose content around. However, it’s not enough to stick a picture of a few crunchy leaves on an otherwise unconnected blog piece and call it autumn content. How can you put a fall twist on your small business’s content marketing strategy? Think in terms of your unique brand identity. Is your tone playful and conversational? If you run a pastry shop, a fun post about DIY fall desserts, for example, could get a lot of traction. Meanwhile, a small accounting firm might focus on September tax deadlines. No matter what, position your business as an authority the reader can trust. Whatever seasonal content you create should both something of genuine and specific value and use to the target reader, with a clear application in the context of the autumn months.

Update Your Website

Another great way to boost your Internet presence during the fall season is to change up your website. If there are large pictures on your landing page, try conducting a photo shoot showing off the changes of the fall. For example, lets say you are a company that sells children’s clothing. Conduct a photo shoot near trees that are changing color, or in a pumpkin patch. If you’re looking for a new website designer, make sure to get a good one – Online Optimism was recently named as one of the best design agencies in the country.

Fall Contests and Giveaways

Autumn contests and events are designed to engage your audience. If you have a physical space, hosting a autumn-themed event could be an effective way for customers to get to know your business. A raffle of some of your products or services, giving the proceeds to a specific charity event held during autumn, could be used to jumpstart your business into gaining new customers.

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