Website Trends to Expect in Spring

Published on February 19, 2024

The online market continues to evolve in exciting ways. Here’s a few trends you’ll see.

AI-produced Artwork

In 2024, the combination of AI and generative art in web design has the potential to completely transform the digital world. AI-generated designs have become widely available and adopted during the last two years, and in 2024, this trend is expected to gain momentum and further change the digital and design industries. AI-powered custom graphic creation based on user data and design systems brings up new possibilities for tailored user experiences. Sites will now have dynamic and developing material based on user preferences, presenting designs that are distinct and relevant to each particular user, rather than providing the same content to all users. AI-generated art has also sparked discussions about authorship and creativity. Some argue that since AI algorithms are trained on existing artworks, they are merely imitating or replicating the styles of human artists.

Comfortable Mobile Navigation

Most individuals use their mobile phones to do tasks. This indicates that smartphone users account for the majority of website traffic. This will undoubtedly be taken into consideration in the newest design trends. The term “thumb-friendly” smartphone navigation may be unclear. However, consider this: toolbars and other UX elements should be positioned based on how users use their smartphones—with their fingers wrapped around the back and their thumb used to navigate the screen. The ones that are most crucial should be within easy reach of your thumb. When it comes to mobile website design, the middle of the screen is usually considered prime real estate. Therefore, those should be the elements that are most vital.

Vibrant Gradients

Gradients in logo design made a comeback on Instagram, and this was only the start of the trend. Gradients can enhance the appeal of websites, graphics, and logos, as graphic designers and marketers have seen and gathered feedback from users on the new app symbol. Let’s stick to the topic of web design trends for the time being. Consider using black and white gradient accents or emphasizing call to action (CTAs) in bold colors if you’re starting from scratch or redesigning an existing website. You can use gradients as the background for individual photographs or full sections and break them up with white space if you want to stick with a more striking color scheme.

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