Strategizing Your New Year Campaigns in 5 Steps

Published on December 14, 2021

Now that you’re implementing your marketing campaign, you need a strategy. Here are 5 successful tips.

Review the Past Year

Put together a list of all company accomplishments in 2021. Some elements to include may be product launches, effective marketing campaigns, trade shows or conferences attended, business growth data, and social media insights. Reread your customer testimonials, not only for a little boost in confidence but instead so you can recall how your customers felt throughout the year and what you need to improve on. These testimonials can make fantastic success stories for the upcoming year, too!

Content (Web and Email)

It’s also important to take a look at the content you created this year to help shape your upcoming editorial calendar. Make a list of the top 10 performing pieces of content and brainstorm more ideas off of those to understand what made it successful – well designed, well written and timely? Did you target a specific audience that was very receptive? Take the time to make a spreadsheet with your content to track headlines, word count, social media shares, target audience and more to ensure you can replicate the process in the future. Allowing yourself to see where you’ve done well and where you can improve your content is essential.

Offer Consistent Brand Experiences

With the era of the empowered customer taking shape, companies must now ensure a consistent brand experience at every touch-point within their sales and marketing cycles. Your marketing team must work with your resources in all areas of the company to ensure the right message is being relayed at the right time in the buyer’s journey. This will help your brand to develop its connection with clients and allow your brand to improve its number of loyal clientele over time.

Learn the ROI

Marketing is no longer a simple creative process that is left alone by decision-makers. Now, the C-suite expects marketers to know the precise ROI from their campaigns. This means teams need to consider how best to show the clear monetary value their campaigns bring to the company.

Competitor Analysis

While your team should focus its time and resources on building a unique appeal in your industry, you can still achieve insights into the value of your organization by analyzing competitors.

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