Social Media Trends to Expect in Quarter 2 of 2024

Published on April 29, 2024

Marketing in the second part of 2024 will be interesting. Here’s some things to expect on social media.


Imagine coming across a live video from Nike (for example) while browsing around Instagram, Twitch, or TikTok. They are selling things live through a stream, rather than just presenting them in a regular post. That’s the core of live streaming e-commerce, which is expected to grow significantly in 2024. Already, leading platforms in this regard are Pinterest and others. During a live stream, they allow users to showcase and sell their products directly. Then can provide a working example, address any queries, and emphasize the special qualities of the product. By doing this, you may pique the interest of your audience and provide a sense of urgency that will entice potential buyers to buy now while demand is strong.

Short Form Videos Continue

Though TikTok may have been the first to popularize short-form video, other social media platforms are now beginning to catch up. Not long after TikTok started gaining popularity, Instagram unveiled its brand-new “Reels” function. The “Stories” feature on Facebook has also grown in popularity. It’s not surprising that people want more videos. Studies reveal that social media videos help 93% of brands reach new consumers. But aside from YouTube and Netflix, today’s hectic consumers don’t have time for long content. On the other hand, if a video is less than a minute long, more than half of the viewers will watch it through. This year, think about improving your short-form video approach.

Social Search Advertising

While social media search advertising is not new, it hasn’t been the most popular tactic used by marketers and advertisers. But more and more users are turning to social media sites as their search engines. For instance, a median US user’s number of searches on TikTok using an iPhone increased by more than 455%, from 18 in August 2022 to over 100 in January 2023. This makes it possible to place search advertising that supports company objectives, such introducing them to companies and goods they might find appealing. Educating consumers about new brands through tutorials or how-to advertisements is another. Finally, a list of individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses to follow or get to know.

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