Running Out of Blog Content? Here’s 5 Fresh Ideas

Published on May 9, 2022

Keeping your blog fresh and relevant is tough. Here’s 5 suggestions to help you out.

Make Lists

Blog posts don’t need to include huge blocks of text to be relevant or appealing to the customer. Often times, the most successful posts are easily digestible and to-the-point, so next time you’re running out of content ideas, generate a list of items geared towards a specific target or theme. For example, a clothing store might want to create a post listing the top 10 outfit trends for the month of May.

Seasonal Posts

Whether it’s winter or summer, putting a seasonal spin on content will increase its relevance to your customers as well as provide you with endless blog ideas. If you own a pest control business, you might want to use seasonal posts as a way to stay ahead of the curve (and your competitors), offering readers special discounts to treat for insects such as ticks before they repopulate in the summer.

Trending Topics

Trending topics are topics that are in such high demand that they are trending all over the internet and are the most talked about on social media and news outlets. A trending topic can be as varied as anything from a world event, a TV show, an industry-related event, a new movie release or something like a stranger’s death. Trending topics are also very useful when it comes to finding blog content idea. However, the idea of trending topics can be confusing to some as trends can change weekly.

Answer Common Questions

You can also create a blog demonstrating how a product or a service can solve their problem without being sales pitchy. Think of it as another medium for you to share your unique value proposition (UVP) as a company. This type of content is not only beneficial to the person asking, but also to your potential customers.

Search Query Suggestions

Search queries are simply phrases that people use on Google when searching for a product or service. The query suggestion box shows what the searcher has typed on the search box and Google’s predictive suggestions based on what the searcher is looking for and typed in the search box. You will find the search query suggestions inside the search box or at the bottom of Google’s search engine results.

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